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GHIRARDI MARINE AGENCY, LLC. is a Marine Employment Agency located in Morgan City, Louisiana. The agency serves the Oil& Gas Industry along the Gulf of Mexico Coast and other waters.

The agency recruits all vessel positions including Masters, Mates, Ablebodied Seamen and Ordinary Seamen, Chief Engineers, DDE's, Oilers, Q-Meds, Un-Licensed engineers and Deckhands. We place you aboard Offshore Supply, Utility, Crew, Tug, Jack-up, Lay-barges, and Lift Boats. On inland waters, all positions are secured aboard Inland Tugs & Barges. Licensed positions not listed become available from time to time such as, certified riggers, diesel mechanics, roustabouts, crane operators, barge captains, snubbing hands, galley hands & cooks.

The Agency is continually in contact with Service Companies and needs change daily!

CALL NOW!! Do not hesitate to call regarding your skill.

We have immediate openings for the following positions;

  • 100 Ton Master w/ D P O Must Have: ( Nautical Institute Certification)  
  • 200 ton Master w/towing 28 & 14 for Offshore Tug
  • PIC Tankerman 28 & 14
  • GHIRARDI MARINE AGENCY, Inc. is not an Employer, but a placement company who works for you to get you into a full time position. You could spend a lot of time & money running around looking for the right position or you can be placed while you pack-up and secure your home front awaiting our call. Maybe you are employed now but not making the money you deserve.

    Call (toll free) for an up-graded request and we will get back to you right away.